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  • Why thrifting?
  1. We believe in protecting our environment and the production of new clothing contributes to the ongoing damage to the environment. We are playing our part in trying to limit that damage by recycling clothes.
  2. Many people buy impulsively and wear items once or twice. Should those  items just be thrown away? We say no!
  3. A lot of  us grew up on hand-me-downs from older siblings and relatives. This is the same thing, just on a bigger scale and at a low cost. 
  • What kind of products does Elinye ithuba sell?

We sell predominantly second-hand clothing, accessories, shoes and exercise equipment. Unless a product is specified as new, it is a second-hand item.

  • Are the products good quality, since they have been worn before?

Rest assured! As our slogan says, we really do pride ourselves in selling high quality products. The products we buy and sell are items we would be proud to wear, ourselves. Quality assurance is done continuously on all products  we sell.

  • Where do you get the products you sell?

We hunt and shop around for good  quality products to bring to you. We outsource products from people and shops selling good quality, second hand clothing.

  • How do I receive my order?

We offer delivery nationwide, wherever you are in South Africa. We will personally deliver your order if you live around Johannesburg or Pretoria.

We use PAXI (Pep store to Pep store) delivery to the rest of the country and outlying areas in Gauteng.

You may also collect the items yourself, please see question on collection for more info.

  • I've placed my order, how long will it take to arrive?

Delivery around Johannesburg and Pretoria -  2-3 days est. costs R40

Delivery via PAXI - 7-9 days est. costs R50

  • I don't want to have my order delivered, Can I collect it myself?

Yes. We have 2 collection points available for collection of orders. No delivery fee is charged.

Eco Park estate in Centurion

Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto

  • The item I ordered doesn't fit; Can I  return it and get a refund?

Yes. Please see our returns policy. We do accept returns on most items however costs of shipping are not refundable and the costs of returning the item is at the customer's expense.

  • I have items I would like to sell, can I sell them to you?

Sure. We would love to buy from you and resell. Products have to meet our high quality standards. Please see our contact info and get in touch with us.